Winds are up around 35mph so I went to the seafront at high tide to watch the waves crashing, as we know I like to do! There’s also a video on my YouTube but the quality is pretty poor, even though it’s quite impressive. I don’t make enough videos to justify getting some kit that can make them.

Waves again

This really helped me today.

Still not as impressive as the first time, but the sunrise definitely adds something to it.

Manmade geysers

Hey, look what else the waves do.


This wasn't nearly as impressive as the last time, but still pleasant.



The sea was pretty flippin' choppy today. I've never seen it like that in Brighton before so, naturally, I abandoned by duties as a father to go and take photos of it in the vain hope that internet strangers might feed my ego for a while.

One thing about processing a lot of photos of a scene like that is; it starts to make me go a bit mad. I get obsessed with colour and exposure matching, and picking the absolute best photo to present to the world. Then I remember that the world isn't watching most of the time anyway, so here's some pictures I took of some waves then processed to the best of my ability attention span. I hope you enjoy some/one/all of them.

The video was shot and edited on a fucking mobile phone so don't give me any shit.