The last two weeks I guess


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I got some new Crocs. I love Crocs.

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We went to a photography exhibition in this cool condemned building. Not sure if condemned is the right word. It's safe; it's just going to be knocked down. I think "condemned" is the word.

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This guy is a hero. Apparently a little 80cc engine in a mobility scooter, with a shopping trolley attached.

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"More [gourds] please. I don't want to eat them; I just wanna look at them because they're so gross"

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Lots of good old cars about lately. I'd still rather have the death-trap mobility scooter.

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Cat always sleeps on shoes. It does not look comfortable.

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The cat likes to sleep where I eat. This is, somewhat, taking it to an extreme.

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I went to see alexisonfire. It was very good. I didn't take any pictures except this one of the Old Man Leaning Section.

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Went for a little walk around Worthing. I was looking forward to it but then totally lost my mojo when we got there.

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Brownies made up for it though.

Got some shoes, hung out with a silly cat and dog, went for a couple of walks, ate some brownies.

Played a heck of a lot of Steam Deck as well. I am enjoying the Steam Deck a lot but it's making me want to build a big gaming PC and I can't afford to do that.

Finally finished The Handmaid's Tale. I didn't really want to. I've immensely enjoyed having this... We went to a small craft fayre the other day. Little homemade indie stuff. Bit twee for me, for...