Freaky Friday


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Missed last Friday as I was out in the real world doing things like going to a pub, which basically feels illegal to me now.

Friday has improved a lot over the last couple of weeks. Her ears are finally starting to look clear, and the vet discharged her (I didn't realise this was a thing - I think it might just be code for "I'm done looking at your cat's gross ears").

Her stomach is still very sensitive, which we think is just down to her food so that's a process of elimination. I wish she would learn to clean her fur a bit better - chasing her with a wet wipe every time she uses the litter tray is no fun for either of us.

She's still very talkative, which I find so sweet. She'll just walk around the house mewing and it's like she's trying to use echolocation to find where a person is. There's a little corner in the house that if you stand there she just comes and stands by your feet and mews at you.

She will fall asleep on literally anything, but the doormat is probably her favourite. No idea why; it's not an especially comfy doormat or anything. That's just her thing. I think cats are just inherently eccentric and I like it very much.

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