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Tabitha had a Biscoff milkshake. I like Biscoff sometimes, but not today - I preferred mine.

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I had the PB&J. If there's something with peanut butter on the menu, that's what I'm having.

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Tabitha and Charlotte shared Frolives, and I had Revv chick'n tenders. Mine were nice but I think they forgot the garlic sauce.

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I had Vince Vivian is Underrated, and Dirty Lies. My burger was great - their dirty spread is like BigMac sauce, which I love. Fries were excellent but I think I can live without their facon - it's quite tough and chewy; more of the consistency of jerky, and I don't love that on a burger. The flavours were so good though.

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Very photogenic fries.

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Tabitha had Dirty Linda and Chippy Fries. It looked great and she couldn't eat it all so I'll have it for breakfast!

I've wanted to eat here for a long time. Since before we even got the project to do their website, really. I think they opened the Southampton one whilst we were still living there.

I actually went there last week when I was hanging out with Andy and not blogging about Friday, and I thought Charlotte and Tabitha would like it. They didn't like it as much as I did, but Charlotte always orders the wrong thing, and Tabitha only sometimes likes burgers.

Still, I wanted to go and we never go where I want to go (because I don't like being selfish; not because I'm not allowed and I've decided this is the platform to be passive aggressive about it!). I would go back here again and again until I've tried everything on the menu. I love a good vegetarian burger, and most of them are only kinda OK.

Middleton Butterfly Gardens Freaky Friday