Burgers and AI


We launched two sites recently, pretty much on the same day, for two very different companies. Genuinely I don't think they could be more different if they tried.

One of the reasons I love working for an agency is the variety of people and industries you work with. I've worked with loads of different companies on so many different projects in varying capacities. I don't think I could work at an agency that just specialises in one industry now.

I can't take any credit for these sites. Clearly I didn't do any of the design, I don't do much frontend, unless it's more application-y, and our general use Craft setup barely requires any backend development any more. I had to fix a couple of issues with plugins and continuous deployment, but other than that I didn't do anything.

It's so good to have an independent team now. There's always going to be stuff that would benefit from the perspective that comes with server-side knowledge, but not having to dedicate significant resource to it really frees up my day for stuff that I enjoy more and I'm better at.

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