Vampire Survivors is the purest video game


I can't explain why I love this game, but I also love games made by people who clearly love this game, so I guess it's not just me.

I hate this game. See you tomorrow


I should just stop playing, but I got this streak going.

Gran Turismo 7


The best parts of this game are the photo mode and car customisation. The worst part is American cars. I wonder why American manufacturers don't connect the steering wheel to the front wheels. I know they have long straight roads there but there are some corners.

OlliOlli World


I loved the first two OliOlli games. Played hours and hours of them on Vita and then again on Switch. They're the perfect auto-runner and, in many ways, share a lot of commonality with the decent Sonic games.

Burgers and AI


We launched two sites recently, pretty much on the same day, for two very different companies.

Spider-Man Miles Morales


I right-place-right-timed my way to a PS5 this week. It's the first time in ages that I haven't picked up a console I wanted on launch day.

I wasn't rushing to get one because there wasn't a launch title that I was drawn to, but that turned out to be wrong.

Pulling me back in


Damn it, Animal Crossing, with your cute pumpkins and halloween decorations! Fine I'll play some more.

Shortcuts for GIFs


I love GIFs. I use them all the time. On my laptop, I have a LaunchBar custom bookmarks index that lists them all so that they're searchable and I can access them easily, but that's more difficult in iOS. I decided to see if I could use iOS' Shortcuts app to give me some sort of search UI for them, and it turns out I can!

Horizon Zero Dawn


When this game came out, I think it was super close to Breath of the Wild (I could look it up but why would I), so I was completely distracted. I'd been meaning to play it. It looked great, but Zelda just got in the way.

Need for Speed Heat


Me: If I can get an RX-7 in this game I'm going to leave it completely stock.

Also me:

Slowing down


When you pay off your home loan, as in life, you get the chance to enjoy a new pace of living, but the lack of structure can be demotivating.

A sure thing


Sometimes a studio or publisher will luck into a game so perfect that they have to systematically destroy it in order to prove just how brilliant it is.

Fixing things you don't understand


I don't really get how any of this works. So far I've just been doing things and they've been working OK most of the time



What's up MTV? Welcome to my crib.

A Gold Rush


Animal Crossing has a feature called the Stalk Market. You buy turnips once a week then hedge your bets on making a return.

Animal Crossing in Isolation


I'm really fortunate to be part of a group of people who are pretty much all playing Animal Crossing right now

We're here!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally here

Pokémon Generation 8 is a delight


I seriously can't believe how charming this game is

Improving Software


Email's organic nature means it tends towards chaos. The new GMail UI for folding long conversatio