Animal Crossing: New Horizons Photoblog

Spent my first night in a tent.
I don't like that the Nooks are always so happy to see me. Whichever way you slice it, I'm there to line their pockets.
Naming my island The Moon has proven to have been worth it.
Wilbur is my absolute favourite. Love the cut of his gib.
Yay a flamingo! Flamingos are my favourite.
Nooks better not get used to my over-achieving. I can't sustain this pace.
Some of the little quips in this game are so good.
I'm not sure why a freezer presents an opportunity to change my clothes.
I found an island with infinite tarantulas. I got bitten a lot. They even started forming queues.
And the oarfish is terrifying
All my mystery islands have been pretty homogenous. Oranges, coconuts, roses. Upside: loads of iron nuggets.
Today's hot item is wooden toolbox, is it?
That was more profitable than I was anticipating.