Vampire Survivors is the purest video game


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Vampire Survivors

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Gunsuit Guardians

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20 Minutes Till Dawn

I can't explain why I love this game, but I also love games made by people who clearly love this game, so I guess it's not just me.

The first time I played Vampire Survivors I was totally underwhelmed. You can't control the direction you shoot and the direction you move at the same time. The art style is kinda crappy. It's a bit chaotic. Oh I'm dead.

You then kinda enter this logarithmic progression/understanding curve where you accidentally learn things about the game that allow you to improve. Like an even-more-esoteric roguelike, I suppose. Oh; I'm collecting coins to buy unlocks and characters. I need to last 30 minutes with this character to unlock the next level. What's that ? on the map.

They bring the concept of arcades to your house; you put your money in and you get however much time to play, and each time you do a little better, learn a bit more, everything ends, and you start over. But they cost about $4 for the entire game, then you pay to progress with your time.

The ones I'm playing right now are:

  • Vampire Survivors, obviously
  • Gunsuit Guardians
  • 20 Minutes Till Dawn

I would try any game that claimed to be a Vampire Survivors clone (we do need a better name though), because they all follow that formula but add something unique of their own to flesh out the gameplay.

They are the purest form of video game; I mean it.

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