Animal Crossing in Isolation

I'm really fortunate to be part of a group of people who are pretty much all playing Animal Crossing right now. It's basically the perfect game to play when you're not supposed to leave your house.

Everyone plays this game differently. I'm currently trying to get my house finished, so I can work on infrastructure of my island, then my interior decoration. So many people approach it differently and the people whose islands I've visited have all been so creative and personal.

I often find relationships very difficult. I tend to over-compensate and show off because it's quantifiable when someone's impressed or they laugh, but Animal Crossing forces the focus onto other people. Everything you place on your island says something about you and I love seeing how people build out their worlds.

All these tarantulas
Paid for my new bridge
One of my friends gave me some more flamingos for my terrifying farm.
No. Blocking a waterfall is a poor location for a bridge.
This is not a sustainable location for turnips
But the turnip corral might just be.
Ben has Godzilla. This is the ideal location for Godzilla.
Ben also has lovely decoration skills.
And his islanders have lovely furniture. I want this sink.
This might be my first group selfie.
But it's still always nice to come home.
I got my bedroom back. Which is great because I'm exhausted.