Slowing down

When you pay off your home loan, as in life, you get the chance to enjoy a new pace of living, but the lack of structure can be demotivating. I haven't played as much this week, but I am still enjoying the game for the most part. It's more now about improving my island and playing with friends.

A couple of friends came over to go shopping for cat hats! We had fun!
Flora decided to have a little rest in the middle of a bridge. Classic Flora.
My orchard looks so nice when all my fruit is out.
Coach is leaving. It's weird how you become attached to these characters. I don't love Coach, but he's a good egg. Excited to meet his replacement; Olaf.
I built a solar farm. It's important to build a sustainable place to live.
I build a basketball court by the seaside.

Today is the first event I've played in New Horizons: the fishing tourney. It was pretty good, aside from the occasional frustration of colliding with Egg Day.

Nice to have a cheerleader, whilst I fish! Thanks Ken!
Catching an egg, which doesn't count as a fish, is a pain. Egg Day overall has been quite annoying, but a cool demonstration of the sort of thing Nintendo will hopefully do to prolong the game. I'm looking forward to Halloween and Christmas.
Rod broke at exactly the right time!
Got a few duplicates of fishing day prizes trying to get something from New Leaf that isn't in this game yet.