Middleton Butterfly Gardens


756 D707 B 08 E0 4 BBC A5 EF 59 E3 F6 BBF1 D2
E273 F41 F 94 AC 4 BD7 B8 E5 AC6 A4 B4 A1 E3 F
449 F6 C6 B 440 C 428 B BABB 55 AB56 F90 BBC

This guy landed on my head. He outstayed his welcome.

D7 EA41 B2 6 F03 4020 A0 A9 A51119463 BE8
1006 FDAA 4 CAD 41 B7 8 AD8 277 CA81 D3 F33


3 A70088 D 5 D83 4 E30 ABFF 233 FA91 CC2 BB
BABFBBDD D864 40 C1 9 E58 A62580 DF8193
143611 BC 8170 40 A4 BE89 92476 EA2 C4 F9

I love this sunshade

Charlotte wanted to go to the allotment, so Tabitha and I went to a butterfly farm. I love a good butterfly farm, and this one has a couple of frogs.

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