Employed to Serve at Green Door Store


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This is Burner. They are super energetic and their drummer is incredible. Fun to watch live but I don't think I'd listen to it at home.

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Continuing my season of doing things that feel illegal, I went to a gig. Employed to Serve announced a surprise show at Green Door Store and I had to go.

It felt really strange to be at a show again. It wasn't super busy, which was a relief, but it was busy enough that it was a bit uncomfortable. Was good to see ETS again - I haven't seen them in Brighton since Sticky Mike's like 4 years ago.

I didn't want to drive because parking is extortionate so I brought the postman's bike. This was its first proper outing, and it did quite well. The back brake is basically dead, and riding it up inclines of any kind is super hard work but it's otherwise a really comfortable ride. I suppose it has to be, if postmen (post-officers?) are going to use it all day.

Nothing special about these pictures - just wanted a couple of snaps because it felt like a bit of an occasion. I never want to bring my big camera to gigs but I always regret when I leave it at home. If only something could be done about that.

HMKB65, Gazzew LT, GMK Bento Middleton Butterfly Gardens