Frontierer and We Never Learned to Live

This lineup was a no-brainer. Two of my favourite bands to see live; the only issue being that the show was in north London. It turned out super expensive but totally worth it. Both bands put on an amazing show and I got to see WNLTL perform some new songs, which they did beautifully.

I tried to make a recording of the show but I don't think it really worked, for some reason. I suppose that's what happens when you try to do something with absolutely no prior experience; sometimes it just doesn't work!

Boston Music Room has a "no detachable-lens cameras" policy so I left mine behind. Still can't resist snapping pictures of the crowd with my phone though.

Employed to Serve at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

I enjoy taking photos at gigs but I like using the light that's there to take photos of anything. I will never understand why so many venues back-light but don't front-light. But it does make for some decent photos.

The problem with a lack of front-light is it means photographers bring their big fucking flashes and stick them right in people's faces, right at the front; blinding performance and audience members alike. Because they simply must have their shot for Instagram.

I realise there may be some perceived hypocrisy here but I never use flash and I try to stay out of the way so my conscience is clear.

Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It album launch show at Electric Brighton

This title is too long, but it is descriptive.

Was fortunate to wangle my way onto the guest list for this show. I did preorder, just not from Resident.

It was a brilliant show - good mix of old, new and brand new songs. One thing I love about Rolo Tomassi is the time always flies when they play. Being a boring old man, I tend to start getting antsy towards the end of a set but that never happens with Rolo Tomassi.

It occurred to me that the goal of a band is to play bigger and bigger shows, and then when they start to achieve that goal, the aim becomes to play smaller shows again. Not exactly the hottest take, but I'm not always here for those.

Support was Rope whom I've never seen live but were also super enjoyable.

There wasn't enough space to take photos but since it was a special show I wanted to at least get one that tried to capture the size and capacity. Failed at that but whatever. I didn't want to spend the whole show struggling to try and take a photo instead of enjoying the music.

Alpha Male Tea Party at Green Door Store, February 2018

Charlotte said I should post this but I didn't want to

Death and the Penguin


Polio at Joiners

Polio are animals. Another amazing show from them - really hope great things happen for these guys.

In other news, red lights suck and can fuck off