splitkb Kyria


I was too busy focussing on not messing up the build to take photos whilst I was working. Socketing the elite-c was definitely the right call but I didn't get on well with the Mill Max hotswap sockets. Don't know whether I didn't fit them right or what, but switches were all wobbly and annoying so I desoldered them and just soldered switches into the PCB.

Getting used to this board is slow. It's very different to my usual board. I have a lot of bad habits that keybr.com is helping me unlearn.

As with all the new 40% boards I use, firmware is currently a work-in-progress. I started out trying to emulate my keymap from the UT but reaching everything is rough, so I've abandoned that. Now what I'm doing is triggering numbers with my right hand and typing them with my left hand, and vice-versa for symbols.

I get that this is a strange thing to be into, but I find it really interesting the variety and versatility of this tool. And actually how steep the learning curve is for a board like this if you have bad habits like I do, it's pretty counterproductive to even try to use a board like this!

C85 A34 E3 4820 4 F7 F 918 A 18278462 BC1 E
AA97 BA92 DB2 D 4 F0 D 841 D 386212 C7288 B

I didn't get on with DSA on it. A flat profile makes navigating by feel a lot more difficult. But I like these shots of the OLEDs

48 B6 F6 E4 C848 43 EB 99 D8 E153778192 FE
36 F2 A8 F0 1275 45 AA AEE5 5438059 A5444