This really helped me today


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I've had one of those weeks where you feel like no matter what you do, how hard you work, it's not going to be enough. And one person fixed it all.

It's difficult to explain. Some of our clients pay us for a service and they expect that service and that's fine. They get the service they pay for - I have never not done the best I am able for a client.

Some of our clients, however, pay us for a service, and they recognise that we're people with feelings and, let me tell you, these clients get preferential treatment. Oh boy do these clients get their money's worth.

This week, after asking me to do something that she knew I hated (mutual respect means I can say "of course I will do this but I hate this task!"), one of our clients sent me a box of brownies, which was so lovely. But even lovelier was the note telling me I'm appreciated, at the end of a week where I have really felt very un-appreciated.

Be nice to your suppliers. Even if you're faking it, it doesn't matter if you're consistent. Knowing how to treat people well is so important, and it will get you access to services and benefits that money cannot buy.

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