Photos of cats and food


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I spent a day tidying my shelves. Found a load of things I'd lost. Donated a load of LEGO to Tabitha's school.

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Played badminton against a school dad. Shouldn't have done it; made my achilles worse but was good for my self esteem!

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Used a voucher to have lunch at 7Bone. Food is so expensive but this was very good. Their burgers are good but I love their fries and milkshakes so much.

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The cat sat on my desk with her jaunty little paw out.

IMG 6382

We went to see Dune Part 2. I enjoyed it a lot.

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I discovered that you can change the little arrow icon in Google Maps to be a car. I love little UI touches like that.

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Friday sat on the sofa with her jaunty little paw out

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We watched someone try to park a limo in ASDA car park and I was way more entertained by this than I should have been.

IMG 6395

We ate at Dosa Kingdom on a recommendation from a friend. I don't normally have a Dosa because I usually want a curry and rice, but when in Rome. Strongly recommend; would definitely go again. Was worth the 20km walk to get there. On balance, I'd have eaten boiled shoes, though.

Weirdly quiet few weeks for taking pictures. I just can't get my eye in for it at all. It's a bit disheartening looking at my camera roll and seeing the same thing repeatedly. I keep expecting to see something different, like when you keep opening the fridge to see if the snack you didn't know you wanted has magically appeared.

I'm quite sick of a couple of things now. My car's battery died and it's taken ages to get someone out to look at it. They were supposed to come today but they cancelled so I've been waiting like three weeks for them to cancel. Called our local garage, who came out today (didn't realise they came out or I'd have called them first!) and will probably fit a new battery tomorrow. Seems about right. At least it's not another three weeks.

Music, games, TV, movies hold almost zero appeal to me at the moment, and haven't done for a while. I know I've written about this before but it's usually gone by now, which is weird. I hope I still like things and this is just a blip. I did enjoy Dune Part 2 at least.

I've pulled my achilles tendon on my left leg and compensating has made my right hip hurt. Achilles does seem to be getting better but I think I need to lay off badminton for a while for it to mend. I've restarted my Zwift subscription so I can at least do some cardio, but compared to the social element of badminton it's so boring. I started watching the Netflix 3 Body Problem series and I quite like where it's going after the first episode, but I don't think I'd be into it if I wasn't a captive audience on the bike. Whatever it takes, I guess!

Netflix's version of 3 Body Problem solves probably my biggest gripe with the books, and that is... Today I learned that Excel thinks it can handle XML, and I'm here to tell you, if someone offers...