Saturday in Eastbourne


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Charlotte made cheese pretzels for breakfast.

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Friday helped.

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Tabitha and I had halloumi gyros from one of the many Greek places in Eastbourne. I got tzatziki in my beard. I can still smell it.

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We saw this little dog standing by its family's table.

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Tabitha had an ice cream. She always chooses weird flavours. Honey and ginger?! I think she does it so that she doesn't have to share. Smart kid.

We went for a little walk around Eastbourne. I like it there. There's a weird number of Greek restaurants in very close proximity. They slice their halloumi laterally like I like it.

There was a craft fair at the Towner gallery. There was loads I wanted to buy but I just bought some new trainers so I abstained like a good boy. Goodish.

I love Bo Burnham, but he's too good at writing vocal melodies to use them all on comedy. I've... Don't let them play Robbie Williams at my funeral.