Some photos


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Y'know I was so disappointed with the Burger King Bakon King that we got all the ingredients to make my own and it was orders of magnitude better.

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Current state of my desk. State being the operative word.

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Tabitha went to a chocolate-making birthday party. Seemed fun. I had a nice time chatting with some new people about cameras, phones, and food. How is it that I don't have more friends.

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Went for a walk around Shoreham whilst Charlotte was at The Circular Space. It was so grey.

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Cheeky little lunch date at What the Pitta. Their bread is so good.

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Friday hunted for Tabitha. This was so fun.

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I found a new record store in Brighton. They had so many records I wanted but I settled on two.

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Friday had a little brush.

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This dude parked his car outside a coffee shop in Lewes. Sussex is so strange sometimes but this guy was great. My thin slice of inherited tractor knowledge served me surprisingly well.

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They have finally put accessibility ramps on the beach in Saltdean. They had these in Valencia when we went 5 years ago. Not acceptable for people with access issues to be prohibited from enjoying the beach. If only the council hadn't just shut all the toilets between Saltdean and Brighton Pier. Great job folks! 👍🙄

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I have taken this picture so many times, but I love the green leaking down it.

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Not normally a sunset guy but this was pretty nice.

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Dartford Tunnel. I forgot to pay the charge so waiting patiently for my fine.

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Charlotte made this miso chocolate tart and it was pretty nice but I don't love miso in desserts. I know it's the current Thing but it's not for me. She made another one with white chocolate and raspberry and I preferred that. Probably makes me basic but whatever.

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My reading list. I got two more books as gifts so it's already grown. I read so slowly.

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Burger King may be a disappointment, but Oowee is not. I love that place.

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Friday is now one. She is so big.

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On my way back from Dartford, stuck in traffic again.

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Bridge crossing traffic. I love this bridge.

Just because I'm not taking good photos, doesn't mean I'm not taking photos. I just save them up and drop them all at once so the inferior quality seems less obvious.

Have I already had dinner? Have I had one of the worst and most depressing weeks in recent... It's been a weird week for new music. Skrillex has a new record out for the first time in years....