Taking the moral high ground and salting the low ground


It's a photo dump post because I am lazy.

2 G5 A5209
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We went to Plumpton Show and this guy was being perfect.

2 G5 A5166

Charlotte and Tabitha climbed

IMG 4865

I played a lot of Tears of the Kingdom, even in spite of saying I was not going to do that.

IMG 4875

I got a Colour Palette, which is an electric kalimba with built-in reverb effects that fits into your guitar effects chain. It's pretty fun.

2 G5 A5335

We saw the mobility scooter again.

2 G5 A5322

There are ducklings on the pond again. There've been quite a few this year. These seem to be surviving OK.

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2 G5 A5233
DJI 0004

I realised I missed having a drone, so I got a DJI Mini Pro 3 just for taking pictures. It is disconcertingly light but a lot of fun.

2 G5 A5385

I love the flowers this time of year.

DJI 0004
2 G5 A5378

This chipboard headstone made me laugh

2 G5 A5366

And the light with these roses was very beautiful

I know you should try to be the bigger person when someone does something to annoy you, but it always ends up making me feel like a chump.

Tabitha played in a badminton tournament at the weekend. We arrived early, as you do, and got our seats, put our bags out and made ourselves at home. I was watching one of her games and someone had just rocked up, moved our stuff, and sat down. When I came back they were all like "ohhhh, we've taken your seats...do you need them back?".

I'm really terrible for overreacting to this sort of thing and this felt like a good opportunity to be less hectic, but I am still mad that I let these people slide on this. Makes me feel like a proper sucker. I wish there was a way for me to not be a lunatic about it, but also let people who do things like this know how much I hate their stupid faces. I couldn't even complain about it to the people we were with because I don't know them well enough to be that full-on about it. So yeah. Was bigger person. Didn't enjoy it. Don't recommend.

I can't make up my mind how I want to do portrait images on this site and it's annoying me. Sometimes I want them to max out at the viewport width and sometimes I want them to take up all the space they need. I change it so frequently and always end up hating it. Someone must have solved this.

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