Steam Deck Upgrades


IMG 5225

Absolutely sick of the 512GB space limit on my Steam Deck so I grabbed a 2TB SSD for mine. The swap is pretty easy, but very nervewracking taking something like this apart. Installed everything from my library that I wanted, and I still have 1TB left

I also got some Hall Effect sticks since I'm really happy with the ones I put in my Switch JoyCons. That swap is also fairly reasonable and I'm happy with these too. They just feel a bit stiffer and more precise than the standard ones which I'm very into.

And finally, I got a dbrand Killswitch. I wanted it mainly for the kickstand, as my hands really hurt after long periods, so I can now stand it up and use a Dualsense 5 instead. It also takes up way less space in my bag whilst still offering solid protection from the other things in my bag. Time will tell how durable it is I guess.

How is it only Wednesday? That is unacceptable. Scotland 2023