Hey Jasper, what keyboards are you using at the moment?


I'm so glad you asked, title! I wish the Le Chiffre (strange phrasing, that) had made it into rotation but it aggravates my RSI so I don't think it will.

For comfort, it's 100% splits. I seem to have asymmetry in my arm positions which pretty much forces me to use a split. Fortunately I love splits!

My choice really depends on what sort of pointing device I want to use. In terms of layout, the Charybdis Nano is still my favourite overall. Having my pointing device on a thumb is so useful.

2 G5 A3886

BastardKB Charybdis Nano

I love this board. It is not portable in any way but it's so comfortable to use. I wish I had it with different switches. I shouldn't have tried new ones out on it.

2 G5 A3901

SplitKB Aurora Sweep

I never thought I'd get used to having tab on a layer but I did. I have a Sweep with chocs but I don't really like chocs. This one, with screens and loads of LED is a great board for when I'm in the mood to use a mouse.

2 G5 A3891

BastardKB Dilemma

I love this, with its big screen. The trackpad is decent but having it there means quite a lot of position-resetting whilst typing, which I don't love. Still the best board I have for travelling as it's compact and has a pointing device.

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