KBDCraft Adam


2 G5 A5938
2 G5 A5942

I got this for Tabitha. Well, I got this then I remembered I can't type on row stagger any more so I decided it would become for Tabitha. And she built the case and put the switches in, so she's on her way to a new addiction.

This is a pretty nice build. It's a gasket mount which is done in quite a cool way, but it uses plate-mounted stabilisers, which I haven't used before and they're fiddly and annoying. Still, they're in now and I hopefully never have to see them again!

I don't have 65 of any single kind of switch so Tabitha has Gateron blues for her numbers and mods, Gazzew Bobagums for her alphas, and some U4Ts dotted around in the gaps. It's actually decent to type on. Weird, but not unpleasant. The Bobagums feel good on the gasket-mounted POM plate.

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