I made pizza, take three


IMG 4997

Freshly made. My shaping needs some work because I am rubbish at it!

IMG 4996

After twelve hours in the fridge.

IMG 5007

I knocked it back a couple of times and I don't think I should have. The quick initial rise scared me but it slowed down hugely after the first 12 hours so I think it'll be fine next time.

IMG 5020

Toppings. Ew.

IMG 5021

Simple sauce. Cooked off some chopped tomatoes, salt, sugar, oregano.

2 G5 A5839
2 G5 A5842
2 G5 A5844
2 G5 A5847
2 G5 A5848
2 G5 A5853

I made pizza again. This time a cold ferment in the fridge over the course of three days. What a massive improvement to the quality of the dough. Probably not going to number every post. At least not when I can actually reliably succeed at this!

Next time I want to focus more on controlling the temperature of the oven. I think it needs turning down when pizzas go in as they're still not as crispy on the bottom as I want to achieve. I also made the mistake of putting stuff on mine, and I didn't like it. Margherita only for me!

Successes this time were the dough was incredibly easy to work with. It stretched so nicely, and I didn't have a single tear in the oven. That's a first! And it was delicious cold.

Not pictured because I forgot: my new trolley, and my proving box. Both amazingly helpful to the process. Can't wait to make pizza again!

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