IMG 6022
IMG 6021

I went to see Brutus. I love Brutus

IMG 6016

I had Honest Burger. I love Honest Burger

IMG 6013

I worked from the office with my stupid tiny keyboard. So nice being able to carry this with me and not having to use my laptop keyboard.

IMG 6029

I hid the pickle on the tree

IMG 6085

I played art of rally. A lot

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2 G5 A4099

We had pizza from Yeastie Boys. It was really good.

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2 G5 A4095
2 G5 A4094
2 G5 A4093

We had pizza from Oregano. It was not that good

2 G5 A4091
2 G5 A4087

We had brownies from Baked

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2 G5 A4084

The cat did not trust the tree

IMG 6056
IMG 6055
IMG 6057

I debadged the car

DSCF2151 Edit

We saw people surfing

2 G5 A4101

We went to the gashapon shop in Brighton

2 G5 A4669
2 G5 A4670

And I got a mantis

2 G5 A4109

I got Choc DES caps for my Dilemma. They are very nice

2 G5 A4110
2 G5 A4646
2 G5 A4644

Tabitha got new Crocs

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2 G5 A4473
2 G5 A4215
2 G5 A4531
2 G5 A4387
2 G5 A4356
2 G5 A4651

I made Christmas pizza in the rain

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2 G5 A4663
2 G5 A4666
IMG 6084

I drew pictures of some games that annoy me

Wish I'd taken more pictures this month. The days are so short and the light in our house is gross.

Malvern Hills Walk Remaster