Lazy Designers Duo and Apricot


Feels like ages since I got a new keyboard but it almost definitely isn't. I've had a premium QAZ-shaped hole in my collection for a while. No more!

I've been following Jacky's work for a while now. He's got such an eye for keyboard design but it was the Duo that sold it to me. After I backed the group buy for that (Jacky calls these group buys but they're not they're preorders) I noticed there was still Apricots in stock and he gave me a discount for getting both together.

I think it's probably worth mentioning that his website looks a little questionable, and the order process is unusual, but his communication is second to none. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him if you like what he's making. Considering his name is "lazy", he's anything but. He's very active in his Discord and he's obviously an accomplished product designer. Right down to the tape that holds screw packs to your boxes; there's attention to detail throughout all of this. I'll definitely buy from him again (sorry Charlotte).

I realised that I don't have a sub-40% firmware for a row-stagger but I am planning to use these as part of my daily rotation so I'll need to get on that.

2 G5 A5021
2 G5 A5022
2 G5 A5026
2 G5 A5027
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