I love to see the ducklings on the pond. Didn't see any last year, which I suppose means that the seagulls got to them very quickly. Horrible birds. Hope they make it this year, but it feels like they never do.

When I was at the pond earlier, some lunatic was throwing the ball for her dog, into the pond. I just don't get people sometimes - I don't understand how you'd even begin to think that was OK behaviour. It's not even like it was a kid who just didn't know.

I feel like I really got somewhere with the settings on my camera for these. These were taken with the 2x teleconverter and that's always been really soft for me in the past but some of these (after I remembered that I normally shoot on 50 and 1/50s is quite a lot slower than 1/500s. Ten times slower, some might say.) are nice and sharp.