Ultra lazy weekend, as we have a few weeks of busy ones coming up. Maybe we were too lazy. I couldn't tell you what the weather was like yesterday.

Today we had a slow walk to the marina and I took some snaps. They've set up some bungee jump thing which is quite fun to watch.

I played some of the amazing(ly difficult) Lion King game whilst Charlotte and Tabitha watched the film. Gave up pretty quickly - that game is way too difficult.


Last week I was supposed to go and see Death Grips in London. I love Death Grips and I missed them a load of times. This time I got tickets and was super excited. Then I was a bit less excited. Then I couldn't really be bothered to go to London after work to get sweaty.

Fortunately, a better offer came up anyway, and I went go-karting with the folks from work. We had a great time doing an hour relay endurance at Teamsport in Lancing, and I'm glad I didn't go to Death Grips.

We came second overall and got medals and I haven't taken mine off and I won't you can't make me.

Charlotte took this photo. I'm finding that I like photos of myself a lot more since I shaved my head.

More People By The Sea

The sun brings lots of interesting people out.

Being Beside the Seaside

There's a lifetime of work in photographing the seaside and people enjoying it. I love the from-a-distance shots. Don't know why. I'm probably ripping off a famous photographer without realising but I like it.

Employed to Serve at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

I enjoy taking photos at gigs but I like using the light that's there to take photos of anything. I will never understand why so many venues back-light but don't front-light. But it does make for some decent photos.

The problem with a lack of front-light is it means photographers bring their big fucking flashes and stick them right in people's faces, right at the front; blinding performance and audience members alike. Because they simply must have their shot for Instagram.

I realise there may be some perceived hypocrisy here but I never use flash and I try to stay out of the way so my conscience is clear.