Brighton Mist

You know in Inception where the people in your dreams become aware that someone is there who shouldn't be? I sometimes feel like that when I'm walking around the city; like people are looking at me in a really negative way.

I haven't taken any photos for ages. We haven't really done anything. My motivation for anything at all is as low as it can possibly be right now. I know it'll pass but I wish it would hurry up because I hate it.

Tabitha and I played a couple of games of chess this morning. I haven't played in a really long time, and I've never been good at it. I make silly mistakes and don't fully consider my actions until it's too late 🤫 I would like to start playing more though.

We frequently get these heavy mists round here, like a cloud has fallen into the sea. It creates this weird, dream-like atmosphere. Everyone was taking pictures of it.