Permit Room / Helm / Sam Campbell


Li'l date night with Charlotte. Dinner, drinks, comedy. Not bad but my word restaurants are expensive at the moment. If two people are eating out, it basically costs £70 right now.

We both had a great time - I'd definitely go to The Permit Room again. Their breakfast menu looks brilliant so might have to! The service was incredible as well; some of the best I've ever had in a restaurant I think. Servers were attentive without being cloying; came round and quietly refilled water, noticed when our plates were empty and took them away, didn't keep us waiting for the bill. I don't like the way you pay (because my phone service is terrible in Brighton and I had to connect to their horrible wifi which makes you put in your name and email, but doesn't validate so I entered any old crap), but aside from that I wouldn't have changed anything about the experience.

We'd never been to Helm for drinks before, but their cocktails were great and the atmosphere was very nice. It is fun wandering around looking at art whilst you have a little drink. More people should do this; it feels very grown-up.

Sam Campbell was very funny. Would recommend seeing him if you're into his brand of comedy. I recommend this if you've never heard of him.


Peanut Masala. I love these little spoons.


Crispy Spinach Chaat. This was delicious and a super nice texture.


Chilli Chips. Nice bite to them, Charlotte (and the waitress) said they were super spicy, but they were just right for me.


The interior is super nice, and the layout is incredible.


Dishoom Mattar Paneer. I'm a sucker for mattar paneer, but it's usually a side.


Cheese naan. Cheesiest naan I've ever had.


Ceiling fans are a nice touch


Rum-soaked Gulab Jamun. Rum-soaked is accurate. This was delicious, and boozy but not unpleasantly. The rum is like a sugar syrup by the end.


Rose Ripple Ice Cream Sandwich. Rose ice cream is nice apparently. I would never have thought to order it.


I had a lemon sherbet cocktail and Charlotte had a lager. I won.


Might as well wander around with our drinks, and look at some art like a prick.


Sam Campbell.


Of course he got loads of people up on stage. I will never be the sort of person who voluntarily goes up on stage at a comedy show.


He made a remote-controlled car out of his Taskmaster trophy. High quality use of a trophy, in my opinion.

It was my birthday again Cars Cars Cars