Changing of the Gardeners

I do like to watch the changing of the guards. It's all so unnecessary. I mean I'm sure it's very necessary but the occasion of it just makes me laugh a bit. The marching band, whatever it's called, has a bassoonist. Such a terrifying millitary presence.

Impromptu Saturday Trip To That London

Tabitha ran round in some fountains.

We saw some old gas towers that are now flats. I simultaneously love and hate these. Apparently they have space in the middle with balconies. I want one.

Tabitha went in a hammock.

We went to the skip garden. It's called a skip garden because they'd planted up some refuse skips. It also had this greenhouse made entirely out of windows. Imagine how pleased you'd be with yourself if you'd thought of that.

We saw a guy painting his boat.

Saw this nice view which looked like one of those architect's drawings of how a building development will look when it's finished. So, good job well done there.

Then we saw a guy fishing and it looked like a watercolour.

And then Charlotte and Tabitha shared an ice cream.

More things happened after this but I had lost interest in taking pictures by then so that's it.

London 2017

We had big plans for this holiday. New York! Never been! It’s going to be awesome!

Then, it got a little closer and the reality that neither of us wanted to drop money on flights and hotels to drag a tired four-year-old around and miss everything by being pissed off started to dawn on us so we dialled it back.

But then we couldn’t decide where to go. Charlotte wanted somewhere hot but I don’t like hot and we’d both spend the whole time stressing about suncream and whatnot. So we didn’t book anything again.

Then the month hits and we’ve nothing booked, Tabitha’s going to school and we’re going to miss our window (Charlotte’s literally going to murder me) so we decided to take a few days exploring London. I will never tire of London (but I wouldn’t want to live there) and Charlotte’s never been for more than a day on the odd occasion so it was a good shout. Plus, no travel which stresses her, and no boring sunshine which annoys me.

We do, however, have a hotel which, if it was any closer to London City Airport it’d be on the runway, and is also right next to the DLR. It’s also ridiculously hot with no air conditioning, a terrible shower, and no USB wall plugs. Seriously. It’s 2017.

So far, we’ve spent a day at the museums, and a day doing cable cars, river buses, Hamleys and Selfridges. Most of the stuff I’d do if I had enough time when I’m here for work.

It’s just reinforced the fact that I really love this city (still don’t want to live here), and could spend any spare time/money I had exploring it.

Some buildings

shard you than me


A couple of London’s buildings, awkwardly photographed from a train.

A view


At Symfony Live today. The view from the conference is pretty good.