Cult of the Lamb


I slept on this for so long. No real reason. Had it in my Steam library for a while but just didn't start it. Played a few minutes and nothing clicked.

The weather had been absolutely trash today and I was sitting and noodling about in Castle of Illusion, and for whatever reason I just started it up and haven't stopped all day. The gameplay loop is so satisfying. It pulls in elements of so many different genres without ever feeling out of place. It also manages to achieve something that many games fail at; it's funny in places. Not hilarious; not trying to get laughs. It just has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek but it plays dead straight, so loads of it lands very funny to me. So many games try and fail at comedy.

And the art style is amazing. From the character designs, to the tarot cards, to the environmental design. It's all done so well. I think I'm about half way through, and excited to finish it.

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IMG 4764
IMG 4765
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