We don't go through the marina that often but I do enjoy watching people working on or around boats. I would like a boat.

I shot these on black and white film mode on the Leica, but because I shoot RAW it still retains all the colour information and Lightroom shows you full colour on import. I like being able to see that something was exposed and focussed properly in the camera, but not getting that colour until you process. It reminded me of that feeling of getting a roll of film back and checking out what you got. Of course, it helps that Leicas tend to have beautiful colour.

Weather held out long enough for us to get another walk in. This week has been a bit of a disaster for me, mentally. Have been unable to find any motivation to do anything, and everything I have tried has ended up massively irritating me. Feeling a lot better now but still feels like a week wasted.

Next week's going to be good though. Better, at least.