The Last Week

Went out for a bike ride that was too long, on a bike I haven't ridden for years. Not smart.
Charlotte made pizza. It was excellent, as usual.
I went for a walk and saw some sheep.
I got some paper for my photo printer. I like printed photos.
Tabitha uses unorthodox bookmarks. Apparently it's a thing. I like it.
I got some new shoes. The colourway says "I remember the 90s", but the fact that I need sensible shoes says "I remember the 90s".

A story in 3 parts:

I wish my knee would just be better forever, but that takes effort and, well, y'know.

I made dinner for Tabitha. It's not often I'm ashamed of myself.
Sometimes I'll use Tabitha's Switch to water my flowers in Animal Crossing. It's becoming increasingly frequent that I'm ashamed of myself.