It's so hot in our bedroom at the moment; it's driving me crazy. I slept about an hour. I can't sleep when my pillow is hot; it stresses me out. And my pillow was very hot.

I knew it'd be a disaster to go out on my bike and then try to do a full day's work on an hour's sleep so I went for a walk instead. It was very pleasant.

I brought my Leica with me because I always enjoy the results I get from it, but I find it difficult to use (still; I know!)

I have been playing Ghost of Tsushima. It's very fun, and also beautiful. The sound design is so good. I bet it was fun capturing audio of the sword clashes. As a fresh convert to filthy-casual-stealth, I enjoying sneaking around in an obviously detectable way, and murdering people in the least subtle way imaginable. The bone breaking audio was probably less fun to capture.

I am also listening to Wowod. Super dark, melodic blackened hardcore. Reminds me of a less scary √ôzkost.