I got a monochrome Godspeed deskmat. The pictures of it kinda looked a bit crappy but it's actually great in real life.

It's nice to have a good 60% keyboard to fall back on. I love weirdo boards but something more practical when I'm busy is so nice.

My GMK Bleached RAMA artisans shipped early.
And they look great! (I hate LEDs - one went out and needed resoldering. Working fine now)
I absolutely love my hair at the moment. Two years ago I had grade 1 all over. I don't think there's a hairstyle I haven't had.
Looking up.
I ordered a bike bag since I nearly died cycling 100km. Now I can carry a drink and some snacks!
Leftover burgers. Paneer, onion bhaji, burger stuff!
And for dessert...
Love the colours of these tomatoes.
Charlotte made doughnuts. Very nice but they need filling with lemon curd.