LEGO Technic Tenting


AB038807 7596 47 F4 9851 9353 C2751 F59
A1 CC4 DF8 730 E 4560 A8 ED DC19 B9 B6701 A
A9 B1 B329 CAB5 424 E 9 FA1 70 D83 B2 DB5 E2

It's become something of an obsession: trying to make my desk cool. I grabbed my monitor and chair from the office about six months too late and now it's such a good space. My desk at home is a lot lower than the office so it's a lot more comfortable to sit at for long periods.

I saw someone on Reddit had made a tenting base for a Corne out of Technic, and I was annoyed that the idea had never occurred to me. It took me a couple of iterations to get something sturdy and symmetrical but I'm really happy with where it is now. I also added a cable tidy for a little flair. Why not.

I do still find these boards quite impractical for coding but I'm making some effort and seeing results. I love homerow typing when I only need to type words but getting used to punctuation combos that I've spent 20 years training into muscle memory has been a bit of a challenge, for some reason!

I made some pretty significant changes to my Kyria firmware after thinking about how I'd set up a Corne and it's much more usable this way. I usually spend a few hours in the morning using Kyria before someone needs something done quickly and I fall back to the DZ60 and stay there for the rest of the day.