A couple of weeks of food, bikes and keyboards

The last few weeks has not been the most fun. I can't find time to take pictures, so here's a montage.

I'm trying to get on with a split but I just can't! LEDs though.
I love these apples. I'm a simple idiot IT'S RED INSIDE!
Sick of my watch screwing up in the rain, so I got a Wahoo ELEMNT. It's really good.
And Charlotte found this nice Pashley postman's bike that I'm going to renovate when I forget how much I've spent on bikes in the last two months.
RAMA Grids on RoPro. Totally unusable for me but it looks so cool.
Cycling in the fog is exciting. Terrifying.
We've not been going to parks recently because of COVID, but there wasn't anyone there the other day so we hand sanitisered up and got on the swings.
GMK Analog Dreams on Keeb.io Quefrency. Can't wait to get a proper case for this thing.
I will never tire of these pizzas Charlotte makes.
I upgraded the groupset to a Shimano 105 on my Allez, and it's rained constantly since I got it back. Of course it has.
I like burgers, and laterally-sliced halloumi.
Charlotte made a nice jumper for Tabitha, with short arms because she's not a sleeve person.