State of the Endgame


634250 DC E924 4 F2 B 81 E3 CF18 BDDCECB6

I shuffled some keycaps around, mainly to get a DSA set on the RoPro so that I can reach the F-row easier and have -=[] on my main layer. WinMix SA Retro is temporarily living on my DZ60 but I really don't like that set. Hoping to find a nice GMK set for it. Maybe Future Funk.

GMK Dots is coming soon, and that will go on Little Foot, which I'm looking to get a CNC'd aluminium case for.

SA is a perfect profile for the UT47.2, but I have Gateron Silent Inks coming for it because I don't like Kailh Box Black that much.

The endgame is a lie.