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The easiest build I've done so far. Maybe because I had planned it. I knew what layout I was using. I'd counted my switches. All I needed to do was place them, solder them, sort my firmware. But this was a fun build, and I was rewarded for my planning.

I've been working on a microservice-based project the last couple of weeks and I'm seeing the benefits of separating and breaking down my problems to make them seem smaller. Seriously, some things seem worryingly simple when you break them down enough.

Anyway, Quefrency is a great board with Zealios and DSA Scientific. I've been stuck on 40% boards for a long time, and I like the challenge of programming a usable firmware, but there's something delightful about returning to a board that has a numrow and brackets. Programmers love brackets. I do miss my column stagger, though. I have a Sofle arriving soon, but I don't know what switches to use for it. I think this or Kyria+ will be my dailies.

If someone had said to me 5 years ago "you know how you love pens? You can love keyboards even more than pens, but you can totally justify keyboards because you use them for work!!" I'd have slapped them in the face, then kissed them on the mouth.