Keeb Levinson with Cherry MX Silent Blacks and SA Vilebloom


As I mentioned I've been experimenting with my desk setup. I've wanted to try a split ortholinear keyboard for ages and one came up on mechmarket for a really good price so I decided to give it a try. I've not used lubed switches before and they're so nice. They make such a great sound and they're super smooth to type on. They've got a lovely, hearty "clack" as they bottom out.

Coding on a 40% is a bit of a challenge but since it can be programmed with QMK, I've been able to add macros for the stuff I do frequently in Vim and tmux and, after a day, I'm getting used to where everything is.

Once my RoPro arrives, I'm not sure how much use this is going to get, but it's still very fun to type on for now!

It has made me realise that GMK Dots is probably going to be too challenging on an ortho board. Fortunately, MT3 Serika is on the horizon, but I have this SA Vilebloom/WinMX retro mashup to use in the meantime.

My cheat sheet. Not laminating it because it keeps changing!

Turn your sound on for some sweet, sweet clacking