Kyria Split Build pt 1


C2 F333 CE E526 4 D05 A5 CC 254602 EA50 C1
CDDD5 F2 D 98 B6 4173 A271 DCA3 E86 FF43 A
63 FB12 AC 8589 4 C7 E 88 CC DF4 E9 D15 AA25
A7 B1 F4 AD 2774 4 AE7 BE76 287 C0836 BDAE

It's not a secret; I love keyboards. I love building them, I love talking about them, I love programming them. I use a keyboard for my entire job, so I get to test the things I make a lot.

I have used splits in the past, but never something with a column stagger. In theory, a column stagger makes a tonne of sense to me. Your fingers are different lengths; they're not offset at irregular intervals. I want to give this a try.

I'm not what you'd call a strong typist. When I'm writing messages to someone, I can largely type at a rate that matches my thinking and self-editing filter (this has been confirmed by my complete inability to dictate coherent messages for Siri to send). When coding, I actually benefit from typing more slowly as it forces me to really think about what I'm doing.

The UT47.2 has allowed me to work on my ideal layout for a 40%. I don't need a number row most of the time, and I don't need all my symbols all the time. Having them on layers allows me to have a layout that minimises space and hand movement, which is ideal for typing for long periods of time.

I have a couple of parts I'm waiting for so I can finish this build. It's going to be on Zealios v2 67g and GMK Dots. I've never used a high quality tactile switch like this before so I'm interested to see what it's like.

Hopefully by the end of next week, everything will have arrived and I'll be able to use this thing when I go back to work. I really enjoy stuff like this, but I do not enjoy SMD soldering, and I especially do not enjoy soldering SMD LEDs because they're super easy to damage. I haven't been able to check yet but if I've managed to mount 20 LEDs without breaking one, I promise to do the lottery.