0161001 E 66 B6 472 B A5 CA D8 D14147 B973

I thought this was going to take all day. Nowhere has switches in stock, and I have a board with really good switches that I'm not using. I got this SS-02 solder sucker and it's supposed to be the best. I was hopeful with a sensible measure of skepticism. I mean, how good can it really be?

Turns out; "very". It's so much better than the plastic tip suckers I've used before. Getting a seal over a joint is effortless, and even if you can't get a full seal it does a great job of pulling solder out. I was only (!) going to desolder 46 switches (I have 12 Zealios left for thumb row, escape and backspace) but ended up doing the whole board as I was having so much fun with it.

The only downside is you need some good pointy tweezers to pull cold solder out of the tip occasionally, but that's quite a satisfying task in itself as it comes out like a little silver scab.

2 BB3 FE43 60 C7 4638 8 A02 951 A4 EE989 EB
D28 BA3 C3 9953 4 F73 85 AC BB3 F0 AD64425