Kingly Keys Little Foot Build Log pt 1. Or How I Learned to Stop Getting in My Own Way


D06 A6148 374 C 4 FD1 9 DCF 20 DBB68 F36 AA

Had a nightmare on this one. Done everything in the wrong order. Attached my pro micro before my switches, had to desolder it, destroyed it. Attached my stabilisers, realised my diodes weren't on the intentional way so had to desolder two diodes and flip them over.

17 ED0 F78 3 E38 450 B 95 E6 030160 C8 D2 E8

The only thing that's gone OK so far is attaching my LEDs to each other but I've probably done something wrong there too.

E8 DF5586 7418 431 F 80 C3 B7840301 A132
D2 F22 FB8 2 E11 48 D1 9 AFC B57612 FB0 E46

Still, my stabs and a couple of switches are on now. Just waiting for a replacement pro micro and my switches to finish this off. I've learned a tonne on this build but I never want to see another keyboard in my damn life.

I don't really mean that I'm sorry I love you keyboards.

3 BC45 CE2 5 D8 C 413 B B0 F9 C8 C9 E2059965