Lubing Gateron Inks with Tribosys 3204


A404 AB4 B 77 D5 421 E 94 C4 D747 E16494 A4

I have been using Kailh Box Blacks on my UT47.2 but I don't like them. I don't hate them but I can do better. They have a very heavy actuation and they're clicky for a silent linear. My friend and Mechanical Keyboard Sherpa, Perkins, told me he was looking for Gateron Inks, and if he's going to buy something, that's a safe buy. And he was right. Lubing these things with 3204 is my new favourite switch. It's a light (but not too light), smooth actuation with a nice, soft thud bottoming out. They're heavier than my lubed Sakurios, but honestly those Sakurios are like typing on a beautiful cloud. If you want to make as close to zero effort as possible when typing, lube Sakurios with 3204.

Imagine being a typing snob. I'm not even sorry. The closer you look at something, the more detail you see.