I can't tell you how long I've wanted one of these. This is my BBQ. Someone else does all the preparation and Man Make Hot and take all the credit for some presumed magical mono-process that is impossible to mess up (it is not impossible).

I cheated. It's a photo dump post!


I haven't done one of these for ages because I like posts to be a bit more coherent, but I don't have the motivation (or sufficient content) for that so here's some snaps so that I don't have to do 3 Friday posts in a row. That'd be embarrassing.

It was my birthday


Another trip round the sun. I'm basically over it.



We used to go to Fatto a Mano so often before covid. Their food is still so good; I'm glad we don't have a pizza oven so Charlotte can't make crusts like this.

This really helped me today


I've had one of those weeks where you feel like no matter what you do, how hard you work, it's not going to be enough. And one person fixed it all.



I've wanted to eat here for a long time. Since before we even got the project to do their website, really. I think they opened the Southampton one whilst we were still living there.



I love the way fresh produce looks, and I love Taj.



The ratio of prepare-time to eating-time makes cooking a totally unappealing task for me. But it does make me incredibly grateful that Charlotte enjoys it!

Afternoon Tea at The Grand


Charlotte won afternoon tea at The Grand on a school raffle. It was for two but we couldn't not bring Tabitha!

Never Not Walking


It's becoming something of a routine, this walk into the city on a Saturday, and I don't mind it. This was hard work though. We were all exhausted by the end.



As soon as I built this case, the first thing I wanted to do was take this picture.

The new iPhone is good


I got the iPhone 13 Pro. So far, most noticeable improvements are the screen and the camera. The animation is so smooth it's really starting to feel like the things on the screen are real physical things that you can touch. I don't have much to compare because I only use Apple stuff but I love their screens. Everything looks great on them. The stills from the camera are excellent as well. I feel like it's a noticeable improvement from the 12 Pro, which is the first time I've noticed that.

Long walks for snacks


If we're going to get some junk food, I like to exercise on the way there. I kinda feel like if I walk 10km to get some ice cream, that this is at least a token junk-food-offset.

Bromsgrove Summer 2021


Going away anywhere is strange and makes me feel nervous pretty much constantly, but we managed to have a really nice few days away visiting family and friends for the first time in absolutely ages.



I've been going through a phase of writing a lot recently. Work's been pleasantly busy - lots of smaller, fun tasks to work on doing things I don't get to do a lot. We've got something big starting soon so it's always nice to get stuff done before I need to get my head down.

Saturday Walk to Peacehaven


There's an episode of Mr Bean where he goes down a load of steps to a beach. That is quite near our house, and coincidentally a really nice walk.

A very slow couple of weeks


This has been one of the slowest months of my life. The more I tried to get done, the more got piled on, the more frantic I got!



Lots of pictures of me on my phone the last couple of weeks. I think I might finally be going insane.

Two Weeks


It's a phone dump! Been using the iPhone 12 Pro. Camera's very good actually. Been leaving my SLR at home.

Chilli Harvest


Charlotte's been growing chillis. The stupid scotches are taking ages to ripen. They tastes really good though. And made for a heck of a leftovers pizza.