85109 EB1 67 C9 41 F2 9 A9 E CBF4 E89 DEF3 E
F20 DCF98 EAFE 4685 911 E 7078 AE1 BD87 F

I really struggle to match white balance in two photos of the same scene. I do it by eye and it's never quite right. Oh well.

I wanted to take this picture since I built this case. I had envisaged more sushi but overhead you only need one layer and it just fits in the tray, which is a nice coincidence.

This is a crkbd v3 PCB with Gazzew Bobagums and Biip's MT3 2048. I wish MT3 was double-shot. It is the best split column stagger layout I've used.

First Person Timelapse Proof of Concept Have you ever been forced, by circumstance, to spend time with someone you're convinced doesn't...