I made pizza


I am a horrible cook. Just awful. But we have been watching the Chef's Table Pizza show on Netflix and it made me want to try and make pizza. It appears more successful the further back you stand.

The lost art of the tactical, permissive skive


It's important, every now and again, to treat yourself to a bit of naughtiness. A cheeky little Friday PM skive when you've already finished your todo list and some of next week's, and you've let everyone know you're stepping out. Beautiful.

Taking the moral high ground and salting the low ground


I know you should try to be the bigger person when someone does something to annoy you, but it always ends up making me feel like a chump.

Ardingly Reservoir to Ouse Viaduct


When we went to eat cheese last weekend, I saw a lovely little forested area that was filled with a carpet of bluebells. I checked the map and we were next to a viaduct I didn't know about. Jackpot.

Pick & Cheese


We saw about this place on Jolly, and I've wanted to take Charlotte there ever since.

InCarNation 2023


Lucked onto this car show for the second time. I need to follow them on social media or something. There was so many MX-5s this year. I love what people are doing with them now. So many old Fiestas as well. Would love to have one of those.



Carbs are my favourite; did you know? This isn't only going to be pictures of food, and it's over the course of a month so give me a break (it's still not good 🤫 I know).

What I'm saying is it's another photo dump post.

Hey Jasper, what keyboards are you using at the moment?


I'm so glad you asked, title! I wish the Le Chiffre (strange phrasing, that) had made it into rotation but it aggravates my RSI so I don't think it will.

P3D Le Chiffre Invisibolt


I've wanted one of these for ages but I thought it was a limited group buy. P3D has the goods, and they are worth it!

Tabitha is Ten


We've been parents for a decade. It's surreal to think about how much has changed in that time. How much a person changes from 0-10, and 27-37; and how much stays the same.

How my day starts, and how it ends


Sudo is very old. He can't make it through the night sometimes, so I've started getting up with the sun to let him out.

Saturday in Eastbourne


We went for a little walk around Eastbourne. I like it there. There's a weird number of Greek restaurants in very close proximity. They slice their halloumi laterally like I like it.

Bougie Cat Assists with Yarn-based Projects


Someone from badminton said Friday was bougie and I have taken it as a point of pride, but Charlotte has taken it personally.

Handheld Gaming


Gaming is probably my oldest hobby. My dad bought a MegaDrive when I was very young - I can't have been more than 6 or 7. Gaming has been with me since that.

Some photos


Just because I'm not taking good photos, doesn't mean I'm not taking photos. I just save them up and drop them all at once so the inferior quality seems less obvious.

Eastbourne/Birling Gap


In an attempt to pull myself out of my creative funk, a low effort change of scenery was in order. I've used my car too much this month already. Felt really good to get out.

I got my hair cut!


I'm pretty spontaneous when it comes to making significant changes to my appearance. Once I get the idea in my head that my hair needs cutting, it's gone. Did pretty much the same when I had dreadlocks.



I've been so busy with work since I got back from Nashville, and the weather sucked too much to go out taking pictures most days. Still I got a few snaps, even if they're pretty crummy, most of them.

Mandarin Duck on the Pond


I think this duck came to visit over the summer and has just stayed. I'm glad because I love him. Have been meaning to get down and take some pictures of him for a while but haven't had chance, and the light is pretty nice for taking pictures today.

It must be that time of year again


As we know, I love big crashy waves. I somehow seem to accidentally suggest we go for a walk when they're particularly splashy quite frequently!