I made pizza


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I am a horrible cook. Just awful. But we have been watching the Chef's Table Pizza show on Netflix and it made me want to try and make pizza. It appears more successful the further back you stand.

In terms of prep, things went pretty well. I should've used a bigger saucepan for my sauce because the simmer made a lot of mess.

When it came to assembling, however, my dough was pretty fragile and it had developed a bit of a crust already. I followed the recipe very closely but I think it was maybe too warm where I left it to prove.

Most of my pizzas fell apart and made a big ol' mess of the Ooni, but they all tasted quite nice and the last one came out OK. In preparation for the next one I need to:

  • Get a new pizza stone. The Ooni one doesn't seem to retain heat very well and that's kinda all I need it for
  • Get a new thermometer. The one I got only goes to 380°C 🙄
  • Watch a tonne of videos about pizza dough
  • Watch a tonne of videos about dough stretching

So pretty much everything. As I've said before though, a crappy pizza is still better than most foods.

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