Day Off Ramble to Lewes

Jake's coming to visit this weekend so I took some time off. I took an extra day and decided to go for a walk to Lewes. It's not super far unless you take a really inefficient route. In the biz, we call that scenic, I'll have you know.

It was about 24km, and took a little under 5 hours which was almost exactly what I estimated if I was able to maintain a decent pace. Glad I didn't wear shorts though - there was a couple of parts that would've been really unpleasant in shorts.

At one point I walked past a poop of some kind and approximately 5,000 flies just shot out of it and into the air and I panicked and ran. That probably looked quite funny if anyone saw it.

I also came out of a little copse but wasn't where I thought I'd be so I called out to a lady in the field and scared her so badly I was worried I was going to have to what-three-words to an air ambulance. But she was fine. I apologised a lot. Nobody needs to deal with me emerging from a wooded area and shouting for a bit of assistance. She led me back to the path and probably went to go and be sick.

Charlotte thought it'd be nice if I put all my photos of the path ahead together, so I've split up the chronology a bit. I didn't really get any photos I love, but there was a couple of nice ones.

One of the downsides of a walk like this in Sussex is there's lots of lovely valleys and rolling hills and it also starts to look a bit samey. It's beautiful and everything but once you've seen one rural valley, it's not likely that the next one will have the same impact.