Day Off Ramble to Lewes


Jake's coming to visit this weekend so I took some time off. I took an extra day and decided to go for a walk to Lewes. It's not super far unless you take a really inefficient route. In the biz, we call that scenic, I'll have you know.

It was about 24km, and took a little under 5 hours which was almost exactly what I estimated if I was able to maintain a decent pace. Glad I didn't wear shorts though - there was a couple of parts that would've been really unpleasant in shorts.

At one point I walked past a poop of some kind and approximately 5,000 flies just shot out of it and into the air and I panicked and ran. That probably looked quite funny if anyone saw it.

I also came out of a little copse but wasn't where I thought I'd be so I called out to a lady in the field and scared her so badly I was worried I was going to have to what-three-words to an air ambulance. But she was fine. I apologised a lot. Nobody needs to deal with me emerging from a wooded area and shouting for a bit of assistance. She led me back to the path and probably went to go and be sick.

Charlotte thought it'd be nice if I put all my photos of the path ahead together, so I've split up the chronology a bit. I didn't really get any photos I love, but there was a couple of nice ones.

2 G5 A5477

Sun block not optional and I love this misty one. The creams make me so spotty and slippery. I don't like that. I ended up bringing so many things I didn't use. Too windy for the drone. Nothing to use the 70-200. Batteries all lasted.

2 G5 A5489
2 G5 A5490
2 G5 A5495
2 G5 A5499
2 G5 A5514
2 G5 A5515
2 G5 A5518
2 G5 A5520
2 G5 A5524
2 G5 A5539
2 G5 A5545
2 G5 A5549
2 G5 A5553
2 G5 A5578
2 G5 A5595
2 G5 A5597
2 G5 A5598
2 G5 A5601
2 G5 A5602
2 G5 A5603
2 G5 A5604
2 G5 A5609

One of the downsides of a walk like this in Sussex is there's lots of lovely valleys and rolling hills and it also starts to look a bit samey. It's beautiful and everything but once you've seen one rural valley, it's not likely that the next one will have the same impact.

2 G5 A5497
2 G5 A5501
2 G5 A5508
2 G5 A5519
2 G5 A5522

Told you

2 G5 A5528

Red, sweaty. Scaring ladies in fields.

2 G5 A5531

Sheep aren't smart. This little fella was asleep in the middle of the path and he ran away from me, but stuck to the path. Probably wondered what the hell my problem was.

2 G5 A5551
2 G5 A5559
2 G5 A5573

The central reservation has been seeded with wild flowers and it looks lovely.

2 G5 A5582
2 G5 A5589

I had lunch by the Lewes sign. I had little intention of wandering around; just Lewes and back ✅

2 G5 A5606

Final peak before the descent into Rottingdean.

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