Dog, at speed

New Year's Resolutions


When I make resolutions, I tend to make a lot of them because the more I make, the more likely it is that one will stick. There's still a chance that none will, though, as evidenced by my ever-increasing waistband and apathy towards it.

This year, however, I am making one only. This year, I will be taking holiday. In 2014 I took one week of holiday (to move house) and one sick day (half of which I worked from bed). Buffalo is growing, and I'm terrified that if I'm away for a day, the whole thing will fall down. This is ludicrous for a number of reasons; chief amongst them being that I'm the least talented member of the team there!

So this year I will take holiday and we'll go somewhere. The last week hanging out with these four has reminded me that I do work to live and I need to tip the scale a little. That's why my Instagram and blog have been full of them—I love watching them bounce around all over the place, and I need to be around to see more of that.

So, one resolution and maybe I'll cycle more and eat an apple or something. Maybe.



Speaking of Tabitha and Sudo being friends; he's incredibly tolerant of her playing with him. I was pretty worried he'd see her as an interloper, but he seems to like her. Probably because she's always doing something fun and he can chase her around.



I have this romantic idea of Tabitha and Sudo being inseparable as she gets older. They already get on really well, and I can't help but wonder if it's things like this that are the cause.

Sad dog


Sudo was forbidden from eating some dropped birthday cake. He was looking all around for someone to tell him he was allowed.